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MFC research results

SME Financial Health Scorecard Summary

The paper presents the concept of financial health for small businesses and describes the MFC’s approach to constructing a comprehensive measure of financial health. First, the paper argues for the need to develop a measure of financial health for a small business that goes beyond traditional balance sheet and income

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MFC case studies

Read our latest case study on start-up ecosystem in Macedonia!

Supporting “generation start-up”: Opportunities for Macedonia Поддршка на можностите за “Старт-ап Генерацијата“ за Македонија in Macedonian This case note presents our research findings and analysis on the start-up enterprise landscape in Macedonia. This research was designed to identify current good practice among financial services providers and international organizations serving start-ups; understand the future potential

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Watch and listen again to recent Webinars!

Microfinance & Business start-ups: Review of the current practice in Europe   Mikfrofinans Norge microfinance precedent Watch WebEx recordings. Download the WebEx player first! Presentation in PDF Implementing the European Code of Good Conduct – practitioners experience Presentation in PDF   Delivering Financial Capability: A Look at Business Approaches This

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MFC Webinars on Digitalisation

MFC Webinars on Covid Responce

Leaders in Digital Era

#LiDE is a series of webinars that aim at equipping leaders in microfinance institutions with the necessary skills and understanding of tools to effectively lead a team in digital world.   The idea was developed based on lessons learnt from the Digital Literacy Bootcamp  devoted to digital transformation in microfinance.  Digitalize or die

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Borrow Wisely Campaign 2020 – the 7th edition in October

News: 2021 Edition of the Borrow Wisely Campaign is Open for Applications! 2020 edition’s results | 2021BWC invitation Big THANK YOU and first impressions 7th Edition of the Borrow Wisely Campaign Has Started Right Now! #BorrowWisely is kicking off in TWO WEEKS! Check out: BWC in pandemic – Participating Institutions

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Other video and MFC Webinars

MFC Tools to be used by Clients

Other MFC Tools

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