At Microfinance Centre (MFC), we’re not just an organization; we are a dynamic community committed to catalyzing the growth of social finance. Our strategic objectives are designed to support the microfinance sector through partnerships, advocacy, and a strong network.

Strong Network

MFC is not just a network; we are a close-knit community. Our focus is on strengthening connections among our members and fostering a sense of cooperation and partnership.

We facilitate regular communication between our members, identifying opportunities for sharing and promoting experience and knowledge within our network. We actively engage in various Microfinance Action Groups, including those focused on the EU, Balkans, Caucasus, and Central Asia. Additionally, our partnership with UNHCR has helped us extend our support to refugees, furthering our commitment to financial inclusion.
We also continuing to promote members’ good practice and sector trends, while also focusing on digitalization, green transition, women in microfinance, migrant entrepreneurship, ESG reporting, and new products and business models.

Partnerships for Technology

At MFC, we are at the forefront of the digital transformation, actively driving digitalization to improve efficiency and effectiveness for our members.

We facilitate partnerships for the digitalization processes of microfinance institutions and their clients. Our collaboration with Tech To The Rescue (TTTR) is enabling MFIs to seamlessly integrate into the digital age. Moreover, we continuously explore opportunities for new technological partnerships that can bring synergies to our network.

Advocacy for Sector Visibility

Creating a brighter future for the microfinance sector is a priority for MFC. We work on developing new narratives and enhancing sector visibility.

Our aim is to craft narratives that make the sector more appealing to various stakeholders. We provide active support to national associations in their advocacy efforts, striving to create stronger relationships with EU institutions, funders, and new sector partners.

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