MFC services


We work with different stakeholders to promote and advance responsible finance principles across the industry.

We help microfinance providers to

  • assess and advance your internal responsible finance practices
  • learn from good practice examples from other MFIs and contexts
  • share experience and learn from peers
  • experiment in new product design and understanding of the markets

We help microfinance associations to

  • assess their members’ needs and develop country/association strategies
  • co-organize joint country/regional workshops, training events or study tours
  • develop new tools and training material
  • design, fundraise and carry out sector projects

We help investors, donors, and technical support agencies to

  • identify business collaborators
  • conduct thematic or geographical research
  • develop sector strategies
  • program and implement capacity building programs
  • co-organize events.

We offer research services, technical assistance visits, trainings, conferences, thematic events and workshops, and study tours. We also help in designing and fundraising for experimental and/or innovation projects.

Our team of staff and consultants deliver expert support in three languages across 30 countries in the Europe and Central Asia region.

To discuss how we can support your ongoing work to deliver quality, responsible microfinance, contact us today at microfinance[at]