For MFIs

We help financial service providers to become smarter, stronger social businesses – delivering sustainable and responsible services to poor and excluded clients. Our members also join other industry thought-leaders – influencing policy and practice: nationally, regionally, and globally.

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For networks

We help networks achieve their potential: with greater clarity of vision, broader skills, stronger members, and within a more supportive enabling environment.

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For funders, supporters & policymakers

We help donors and investors build and deliver their implementation strategy around insights emerging from our cutting-edge research.

We help policy-makers create growth and stability in dynamic and uncertain times.

Areas of Work

Our work is guided both by our mission, our analysis of the conditions for the inclusive finance where we operate, member needs, as well as the gaps in financial inclusion that are not addressed by other institutions.

Currently our work is organised under five key pillars:

Responsible finance: Advancing responsible finance practice among MFC Members

Access to finance: Building government capacity to develop evidence-based access to finance policies

EU presence: Advancing access to finance in the EU in cooperation with the European Commission

Social innovation lab: Testing new approaches to asset-building and financial education for low-income people

Income generation: Increasing income from our services.

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