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Digital Finance Tech Handbook

“Digital Finance Tech Handbook” is a short and practical handbook for microfinance managers in Europe and Central Asia (ECA) that aims to build an understanding of the main technological trends and solutions that support future growth. Read the publication: TECH HANDBOOK

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MFC case studies

MFC Policy Papers

Note on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

  92% of the total number of enterprises in Europe are microenterprises with less than ten employees. The setting up of microenterprises has become more attractive for a wider strata of population than before. However, based on several recent studies, the national frameworks for entrepreneurship in the EU member states

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MoU EMN-MFC and the EIB group

  The microfinance sector is in rapid development within the EU at a time when micro-entrepreneurship is becoming a growing option next to salary employment or unemployment benefits. In this framework, all efforts should be developed at EU level to support the microfinance sector in terms of policies, regulation, finance

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MFC Webinars on Digitalisation


Meet the leaders in digitalisation

Read the brief case studies, summarizing leading MFIs efforts in digitalisation. Each case focuses on differet aspect: digital marketing, digital loan process, digtal payments, and more. Effective Digital Communication This piece reviewes digital communication of a few leading MFIs from Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia and UK. It sets up four basic

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Benchmarking Microfinance in Romania (2019-2020)

This is the fifth comparative evaluation study of the microfinance sector in Romania and it aims to achieve several objectives: To determine the trends of the evolution of the microfinance sector in Romania within the 2019- 2020 period and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the evolution of the

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Strengthening Clients’ Digital Business Skills

September 15th, 11:00 – 11:40 CET The virtual session was part of  MFC Annual Conference Social Finance Vibe 2021: Pandemic Reboot – a three-day event on 14-16 September, 2021 During the session, representatives of financial providers and support organizations presented their tools and approaches to assisting microentrepreneurs in using digital channels

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MFC Webinars on Covid Response

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