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#DigLitBootcamp: Kickstarting Your On-line Sales Channel

Kickstarting your on-line sales channel 28th November, 11:00 – 12:00 (Warsaw/Amsterdam/Sarajevo) CLICK TO REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR  The goal of this webinar is to equip audience with enough knowledge to build and execute plan of launching on-line sales. You will know what minimum skill-base is needed, how to build it and how to secure BPC (Business Process Continuation). You will understand techniques, tools and technology ...

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#DigLitBootcamp: Key elements of successful digital customer acquisition

Key elements of successful digital customer acquisition (08/10/2019) CLICK TO WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING (coming soon!) During the webinar participants have learnt about the available channels and their potential to reach out to clients and increase their engagement. They could understand batter how to select and manage the relationship with digital marketing agency, so that the investment pays off. They could learn ...

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What Makes a Fintech Inclusive? – Webinar Video

Co-hosted by MIX and FinDev Gateway, this webinar aims to provide clarity into inclusive fintech and, specifically, how to determine what makes a fintech “inclusive.” Bringing together diverse perspectives from government, think tanks, and practitioners, the webinar will highlight new frameworks that can help investors, policy makers and others to better understand, assess, and navigate the inclusive fintech space. Download webinar ...

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