Watch SIFTA Webinar: AI powered solutions for SEFPs – Responsible AI, Machine Learning and Practical Use Cases for Microfinance and Social Finance Institutions

Watch SIFTA Webinar: AI powered solutions for SEFPs – Responsible AI, Machine Learning and Practical Use Cases for Microfinance and Social Finance Institutions

Watch this exclusive SIFTA webinar and discover how responsible AI can revolutionize your social finance institution! 

Here’s what you’ll gain: 

  • Transformative AI Strategies:Learn from industry experts Gift Mahubo (Accion Advisory), Andre Kravchenko (HES FinTech), and Mark Rudak (GiniMachine) on how to leverage AI and Machine Learning to create a competitive edge. 
  • Responsible AI in Action: Explore best practices for ethical AI development, ensuring fairness, transparency, and data privacy in your financial inclusion efforts. 
  • Real-World Use Cases: Discover practical applications of AI and Machine Learning that can empower your organization to better serve clients and stakeholders. 
  • Industry Collaboration: Gain insights on how to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and foster collaboration for successful digital transformation. 


Don’t miss out: 

This webinar is designed for Data Specialists, Risk Managers, Credit Officers, and C-Level Managers at Social Enterprise Finance Providers (SEFPs) looking to harness the power of AI for positive social impact. 


According to KPMG’s 2023 Global Tech Report, the majority of surveyed companies (68%) consider AI and Machine Learning as vital in helping achieve their business goals over the next 3 years. Overall, an average of 63% of respondents have reported an increase in performance as a result of their digital transformation efforts over the past 24 months, with tech investment driving profit or performance improvement uplift of over 10%, up from previous year uplift of 2.5%, a fourfold increase. 

Our Experts

Andre Kravchenko – Senior Vice President of Business Development at HES FinTech

Andre Kravchenko is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at HES FinTech. In this role, Andre is responsible for the development of strategic partnerships in the financial services ecosystem, working with legacy and fintech lending institutions on driving digital transformation, innovation and financial inclusion, powered by AI and Machine Learning. Andre is also the Head of Fintech Capital Solutions Advisory at HES FinTech, bringing over a decade worth of debt and equity capital markets experience and extensive transactional track record in the impact investment space.

Gift Mahubo – Senior Director, Operations and Technology, Accion Advisory

Gift Mahubo manages the delivery of data-centered and tech-enabled services to our global partners. Gift joined Accion in 2011 and brings more than 20 years of experience working in the areas of technology, digital strategy, process automation and digital product implementation. Prior to joining the organization, he served as Chief Information Officer for Accion partner Accion Microfinance Bank. Gift holds an MBA from National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe and a degree in electronic engineering, and is certified in IT governance, information security, auditing, compliance and project management.

Mark Rudak – Machine Learning Product Owner, GiniMachine

Mark Rudak holds the position of Machine Learning Product Owner at HES Fintech, where he plays a key role in the planning and development of a cutting-edge machine learning-based platform – GiniMachine, a no-code AI solution for Data Driven Decisioning.
With a deep understanding of the industry landscape, Mark is a driving force behind the transition towards responsible deployment of AI and strategic utilization of alternative data sources.

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