Watch SIFTA Webinar: Building Teams Focused on Innovation

Building innovation momentum

With AI revolution and digital transformation storming the enterprise world and finance segment, building the innovative potential of every organization becomes inevitable. All organizations will have to adapt, and every leader needs to understand what it takes to prepare teams for this challenge. Innovation happening in everyday work may help managers to get to the forefront of this change. Being ahead of the wave creates a strong advantage for the organization, allowing control over its market path.

In the webinar, we will discuss the innovation management framework and approach to diverse innovations. We will look at knowledge-skills-attitude equilibrium and discuss the reality of competence development for new ways of doing work. Going through catalysts of innovation we will define necessary management practices supporting organizational, teams and individuals’ development. We will wrap up our session by bridging between innovation fundamentals and change management readiness and realities identifying key requirements for innovation deployment, growth, and employee’s confidence in organizations trajectory.

As the result of the workshop participants should get clear perspective on how they and their teams should deal with day-to-day innovation practices. The webinar should be attended by all team leaders, that seek tools and tips for building the best out of their teams. 


Mr.  Tomasz Klekowski is an executive advisor for digital transformation. He is focused on exploring technology impact on organisations, economy, and society, working with boards, industry organizations, governments, and universities. 

He is a Member of Future Industry Platform Foundation Council, an expert of Industry Council for Digital Skills and Cybersecurity. He is a Partner and a founding member of Intelligent Leadership Hub. 

He is a founder of Poland first post diploma studies focused on business applications of Artificial Intelligence – BIZNES.AI.  

During his corporate career he was responsible for Intel operations in Central Eastern Europe and then he was leading marketing and market development activities of Intel Corporation in Europe Middle East and Africa region as Business GTM Director. 

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