Watch SIFTA Webinar: How to give employees constructive feedback

Feedback, especially constructive feedback, is something that should not be feared, on the contrary, can be treated as a gift. However, it is not easy to receive or give it. This valuable and effective tool to support our development requires flexibility and empthy in communication. During the webinar you will have the opportunity to learn and practice Feedforward a new method of giving feedback. 

During our webinar we will talk about new ways to solicit, receive, give feedback in your team and organisation. 

The webinar targets managers and team leaders of microfinance and social enterprises finance providers. 

RECEIVE, ACCEPT, PROVIDE  feedback is an effective feedback model. It is time to refresh our feedback tool so that it is: 

  • Quick and frequent (as teams need nowadays) 
  • Honest and authentic – which builds trust and psychological safety 
  • Encouraging the inclusion of diverse points of view (diversity)  
  • Future-oriented and growth-oriented – which builds ownership and empowerment 


At the webinar you will learn:

  1. How important feedback is for the culture of an organisation and for teams that care about an extraordinary workplace experience ( Emloyee Experience EX)
  2. We will introduce you to a very interesting and well-received (especially by the younger generations in teams) Feedforward feedback model.
  3. How to use the new feedback communication tool.
  4. We will also talk about what pitfalls to avoid when giving feedback. 

Our Experts

Bożena Olszewska, Servant Leadership trainer, coach and emphatic communication trainer

Bożena for over 15 years has been practicing the use of modern forms of education such as coaching, career counselling, Career Compass and behavioral style profiling. 
She supports people and organizations in following and discovering direction and empowering strategies that flow from their values and needs. 
Throughout her career, she has been in charge of distribution, developing contractor networks and sourcing new markets in Europe, Asia and the USA. At the same time, she led groups and teams in non profit organizations. She also supports artistic communities, aimed at the personal development of artists. 

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