European Microfinance Day

The European Microfinance Day initiative was launched in 2015 as a tool to highlight the impact of the microfinance sector in Europe from a social and an economic perspective. EMD is organised in cooperation with European Microfinance Network (EMN).

The main objectives of the European Microfinance Day are:

  • To raise awareness among European citizens on the existence of microfinance and on its value to fight unemployment and social exclusion.
  • To draw the attention of European media on how microfinance works in Europe and how it supports and helps the unemployed and European citizens excluded from the traditional financial sector.
  • To exchange experiences within the European microfinance sector by giving visibility to the work of EMN & MFC members.
  • To allow local members to draw the spotlight on their achievements and their missions at local level
2017 3rd EMD: Fair Finance for All
2016 2nd EMD: Creating Opportunities beyond Microcredit

2015 1st EMD: What if we could turn job seekers into job creators?


This initiative has received financial support from the European Union
Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020).
For further information please consult:

Learn about saving groups in Europe – case study of Cash2Grow from the Netherlands!

Cash2Grow, who has been successfully establishing and promoting saving groups model as one of the ways to combat social exclusion,  presents their case study on strengthening social and financial empowerment through savings groups using the Cash2Grow method. This case is another from the series of case studies presenting various experience about running saving groups from organizations across Europe.