5th European Microfinance Day: Empowering tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

The European Microfinance Day was launched in 2015 as a tool to highlight the impact of the microfinance sector in Europe from a social and an economic perspective.

The main objectives of the European Microfinance Day are:

  1. To raise awareness among European citizens on the existence of microfinance and on its value to fight unemployment and social exclusion.
  2. To draw the attention of European media on how microfinance works in Europe and how it supports and helps the unemployed and European citizens excluded from the traditional financial sector.
  3. To exchange experiences within the European microfinance sector by giving visibility to the work of EMN & MFC members.
  4. To allow local members to draw the spotlight on their achievements and their missions at local level

These objectives remain the same and they will define the spirit of the 5th European Microfinance Day.

5th EMD theme: Empowering tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

The Brussels event

While the heart of the EMD campaign truly is the local actions organised by our members, a European Microfinance Day wouldn’t be complete without a Brussels event acting as a unifying thread between all those initiatives. This year, we have concocted an exciting programme to showcase promising developments on the research side, to distinguish some outstanding local microfinance beneficiaries, to give the awardees of the European Code of Good Conduct the visibility they deserve, and last but not least to explain microfinance, its actors, and its benefits in a series of clear, easy-to-grasp panels, far form the obscure technical jargon.

Bringing together representatives from the European institutions and members of the EMN & MFC networks, the Brussels event acts as a unifying thread for the EMD campaign. This year, it will take place on 17 October, starting from 15:00 in the BNP Paribas Fortis Event Space at Rue Royale 20, 1000 Brussels.

We’ve prepared an exciting and diverse programme, featuring :

  • A panel discussion on social impact measurement for microfinance
  • An award ceremony celebrating awardees of the European Code of Good Conduct
  • A Belgian “Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year 2019” award, to distinguish outstanding local microfinance beneficiaries
  • A networking cocktail with peers from the microfinance community. Alongside the networking cocktail there will be a mobile exhibition that will explain microfinance; its actors; and its benefits in a series of clear, illustrated panels.

Click HERE to register for the event 

See the Brussels Event’s Agenda

Read the article after the Event and see pictures


Local actions

Albanian Microfinance Association, Albania   Reception Date : 15 October 2019 – 10:00 – 12:00 Venue:  Tirana International Hotel, Consortium Room – Tirana, Albania Objectives: Maximize visibility for the EMD 2019 increase awareness about the dimensions and developments of the sector in Albania Contact AMA

KEPA – microSTARS, Greece

Open Meeting : “Fintech in Greece:  Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs”

Date: 10 October, from 17:30 to 20:30
Speakers: Representatives from the Hellenic Ministry of Development, banks, startuppers, fintech experts

Main objectives:

  • Promotion of microfinance
  • Highlighting the importance of microcredit as an alternative funding tool for every entrepreneur, existing, would-be, social entrepreneur, to boost their business
  • Dissemination of latest news and updates on microfinance both in our country and abroad, especially on fintech solutions
  • Raising awareness and promote networking

 AgroInvest,  Serbia

Round table on Financing the growth of Micro and Small Enterprises

Opportunities instead of hurdles – How to bring out the potential?

Date: 24.10.2019
Venue: Serbian Chamber of Commerce


  • To understand microfinance as a financial service and social task
  • To understand the role social finance and microfinance play in EU’s economic and social inclusion policies
  • To review the range of practice in microfinance regulation and supervision in Europe
  • To discuss options for a regulatory framework for microfinance (NBFI) in Serbia

Mi-BOSPO, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This year’s plan is to strengthen our campaign on social networks, we will do our best to be interesting so people notice it and be aware of MNE, and MI-BOSPO as part of that network. Our main goal is that our citizens understand that they can create their own jobs, and that the microfinance sector is there to support them.

Public targeted

Our clients, potential clients, young people who are planning their future, women entrepreneurs and employees.


Our action will be taking place primarily on social media, supported by a press release.

  Microfinance Ireland

Microfinance Ireland

Marketing campaign

Similar to previous years, Microfinance Ireland is developing a marketing campaign (primarily email Marketing & social media) using the EMD 2019 tagline of ‘Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs’ to promote the availability of finance for budding entrepreneurs, Start-Up Businesses and for those businesses who want to scale and grow and to highlight this European-wide initiative.

This is a great opportunity for Microfinance Ireland to promote the availability of finance for those businesses who may be having difficulty in getting finance for their business from commercial lending providers and celebrating the 5th European Microfinance Day across Ireland.

  Opportunity Bank, Serbia

Opportunity Bank is going to promote the 5th European Microfinance Day on Facebook, LinkedIn and on the Opportunity bank website. Their publications will highlight the EMD campaign and spread the word about microfinance and its pivotal role.

Action Finance Initiative, Greece

1. Microfinance celebration party

Date: 17.10.2019
Venue: Technopolis – Athens, Greece


  • Celebration presentation on microfinance and its footprint on economy and society
  • Celebration presentation from business partners and funders
  • Awards to success stories
  • Testimonial videos of entrepreneurs having taken a microloan
  • Networking among customers based on clusters, sectors and activity
  • Open exhibition of products/services offered by AFI clients

2. Free training : “A Social Media Guide To New Businesses”

Date: 16.10.2019 – 17:00 – 19:00
Venue: Myrtilo – Athens, Greece

Open to young entrepreneurs (18-30 years old)

Adie, France

1. Open house event

Date: 17.10.2019
Location: Kawéni, Mayotte (French overseas territory)


  • To know ADIE’s, values & missions, as well as its financial and non-financial offer.
  • Sensitization about the European Microfinance Day and the support the EU brings to the sector, and particularly to Adie.
  • Demystifying entrepreneurship: anyone can start a business, regardless of his/her background, network, educational level or financial resources, etc.
  • Find out about entrepreneurship (business creation and development, legal statuses, taxation, administration, etc.).
  • Learn about other entrepreneurship support organisations/programs in Mayotte, that could help them start /develop their own business.

2. Group picture

Adie’s staff from the Head Office, all dressed in blue, will take a group picture with European flags and other visuals to celebrate the European Microfinance Day!

3. Profile highlight

Adie will highlight one of their client’s story on social media, a client with quite an “EU” profile.

Omro, Romania Online actions Location : Romania Description: OMRO intends to increase awareness about microfinance as a solution against financial exclusion among its clients and potential clients, among local communities and in the media, in Romania. OMRO will promote the EMD 2019 online (article on the website, on LinkedIn and Facebook pages), within the Branches and in the local media by sending a press release.
Opportunity Bank is going to promote the 5th European Microfinance Day on Facebook, LinkedIn and on the Opportunity bank website. Their publications will highlight the EMD campaign and spread the word about microfinance and its pivotal role.
Patria Credit, Romania 1. Zero granting fee credit Date: 17-23 October 2019 Description: Patria Credit celebrates the European Microfinance Day with special offers for their customers applying for a new loan. In 2019, they will have 5 days with zero granting fee for all the small business that acquire a loan between 17-23 October. 2. Film release Date: 21.10.2019 Venue: Online This year Patria Credit will be launching the 1st episode of their educational program “Small Business Breeding”, part of a 5-video series on important topics for farmers such as: When is the time to grow their business? How do they get credit for the business? How to grow your first business in the country side? Why the association and cooperation are important?
PerMicro & RITMI, Italy 1. Film release Date: October 2019 Description: In October 2019, for the European Microfinance Day, PerMicro and RITMI will release on their social networks and website a video on the story of the birth of “Manami Deli”: what is Omar and Hera story? How do they manage the production of a double culinary production? The purpose is to raise awareness on the theme of social, financial and cultural integration offered by microfinance. 2. Partita Viva project Date: 23.10.2019 Venue: Vicenza, Italy Partita Viva is a project created to offer support to freelancers in the Veneto region. It offers a set of integrated services dedicated to those who want to open or have a VAT number: having your own VAT number and being a freelancer requires knowledge, awareness of your rights and duties, constant updating. For this reason Partita Viva periodically organizes in-depth meetings with topics related to the world of freelancers sharing the most interesting information of the territorial and national panorama. On 23 October in Vicenza, RITMI and PerMicro together with CISL Vicenza and Partita VIVA, will host an afternoon event, open to the public, to explain the opportunities offered by microfinance to the target of freelance workers.
Qredits, The Netherlands Student Contest : “Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs have Qredits” Qredits will hold a contest among students that are currently in their EigenBaas* educational program or recently completed it. The most entrepreneurial student who is just starting his/her company stands to win a €500 check to help with start-up costs. Qredits values and invests in tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, this is the reason we designed this entrepreneurial skills program for vocational colleges and high schools. Students that successfully complete the program, have a good plan and are registered with the Chamber of Commerce may be eligible for a student loan from Qredits even if they don’t win the contest. *EigenBaas = Be your own boss
Bizkaia, Spain Roundtable on microfinance Location : Bilbao, Spain Date : 28 October 2019 Description: Bizkaia is organising a roundtable on microfinance with various actors of the sector. For the European level, the roundtable will feature the participation of EMN’s General Manager Jorge Ramirez.
UniCredit, Italy Special Promotion Date : 28 October to 15 November On the occasion of the 5th European Microfinance Day, UniCredit, through its Social Impact Banking programme, is offering customers and prospects a special promotion on microcredit by removing preliminary investigation costs for a set period of time. This is the first time the bank has launched a special promotion of this kind with the aim of introducing microfinance to higher risk classes and being increasingly inclusive.
UTCRA, Romania 1. Awareness-raising event Date: 5.10.2019 Venue: Brănișca, Romania Description: The event is organized by UTCAR REGIUNEA VEST, LOCAL AUTHORITIES OF BRĂNIȘCA COMMUNE, C.A.R. UNIREA DEVA, GLISSANDO S.R.L. and AURORA NBFI with the aim to: Promote the microfinance within small local communities; Educate the owners of small income-generating activities and advertise the best practices in agricultural/farming field – several specialists are invited to speak to the auditorium about the necessary steps for reaching a sustainable development in this direction; The Mayor and local Council will single out the importance of legalising the income-generating activities and the role of the local SME’s in the long-term development of the village. CAR Unirea and Aurora NBFI will present new financial products for those who are willing to establish start-ups in the agricultural/farming field.
Coopfin, Italy   Seminar Date : 18 October 2019 Location : Cagliari, Italy Description: Southern Sardinia is characterized by high unemployment rates among young (especially NEETS) and women. Microfinance could play a special role in enhancing financial and social inclusion of this people. The event is organised by Autonomous Region of Sardinia – Regional Department for Planning in cooperation with the support of COOPFIN (EMN member), the local university and other local stakeholders. Some testimonials, financed by Microfinance products, will tell about their experiences. A business idea competition will be launched during the event addressed to young people and women wishing to create new micro cooperatives. Contact Coopfin
Nantik Lum, Spain Social media promotion Nantik Lum will be promoting the #2019EMD campaign and microfinance’s social contribution via its social media channels (Facebook and LinkedIn).
Microlux & InFiNe, Luxembourg 1. Conference Date : 11 October 2019 Location : Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Description: On October 11th, at the Maison de la microfinance, join Fabienne Colling, Co-founder & Manager of Touchpoints Asbl, Ahmed Dablat, entrepreneur & founder of We Go – car washing, and Samuel Paulus, Senior Manager at microlux, to talk about the experience of setting up a business as a migrant in Luxembourg and the initiatives to support the entrepreneurial spirit. Touchpoints Asbl creates meeting points between local populations and migrants in Luxembourg in order to promote and build the living together in the long term. In that framework, Touchpoints Asbl provides business creation advisory services and training for migrants and collaborates with microlux, the first microfinance institution in Luxembourg. 2. Social media Objective: Highlight the microlux’s board and team members and its voluntary coaches network during the EMD campaign. 3. Newsletter Description: On October 15th, microlux will send the first Newsletter targeting its clients. The issue will provide information about microlux workshops for customers and prospects, taxes calendar and microlux’s voluntary coaches, and will be a great occasion to promote the EMD 2019 campaign.

Stay tuned for more information about the European Microfinance Day 2019!

The EMD in 2018

More than 25 EMN & MFC members from 13 European countries joined the 4th European Microfinance Day in 2018, organising about 37 different local activities such as events, seminars, debates, round tables, etc., as well as social media campaigns, press releases and newsletters, video animations and special offers such as loan discounts and open house days. The outputs of last year’s European Microfinance Day were compiled in this short video, for more information about the 2018 edition and previous ones, check out our dedicated page.