Social Inclusive Finance Technical Assistance Program (SIFTA) 

SIFTA provides project advisory and market development support to financial institutions active in the microfinance and/or social entrepreneurship sectors.  

In July 2022, the EaSI TA program transitioned to Social Inclusive Finance Technical Assistance Program (SIFTA), managed by European Investment Bank. MFC, together with Frankfurt School of Business and Management and EMN, forms the consortium of SIFTA services providers.  

SIFTA provides: 

Open-enrollment services such as: 

  • workshops to exchange practices and tools among microfinance and social enterprise finance providers
  • analytical support to provide general guidance on how to apply for financing

Tailored services. Targeted capacity building and technical assistance services: 

  • tailored trainings to provide knowledge and skills to the staff working at MF/SE providers targeting areas of improvement 
  • investment readiness trainings to prepare providers for taking on investments, loans, grants, or guarantees under InvestEU 
  • training/coaching on the implementation of the Code to train Microfinance providers on the implementation of the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision (the Code) 
  • analytical support to provide general guidance on how to apply for financing 
  • peer-to-peer training and study visits to learn from experiences and practices of other microfinance/social enterprise finance providers 
  • portfolio analysis and pipeline building to support providers in building portfolios and evaluation of associated risks. 

Rating, assessments and code evaluation services: through a specialised service provider, Microfinanza Rating Srl. 


SIFTA beneficiaries (registered in the EU27) are: 

  • microfinance providers such as: 
    – licensed banks 
    – microfinance institutions 
    – guarantee granting entities 
    – fintech 
  • social enterprise finance providers such as: 
    – private or public investment funds 
    – impact investors 
    – incubators 
    – accelerators

Request for services 

If you are a target beneficiary and would like to request SIFTA services, please send an email to