Joint Effort with EMN

In relation to the EU parliamentary elections, MFC has partnered with the European Microfinance Network (EMN) to promote our “Manifesto: Supporting Micro-Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises, and Vulnerable Households in Europe for an Inclusive and Entrepreneurial Europe” on Facebook. This joint initiative aims to spotlight our networks’ vision and recommendations for a more inclusive European economy.

The Manifesto outlines key recommendations for the newly elected European Parliament, including:

  • Developing Financial Instruments and Funding: Advocate for robust support for microfinance and social finance sectors to enhance (self)-employment and social inclusion.
  • Supporting the Green Transition: Promote initiatives aiding micro-entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups in adapting to the green economy.
  • National and Regional Support Schemes: Encourage the development of supportive schemes under ESF+.
  • EU Support and Best Practices: Advocate for continued EU support for microfinance and the adoption of best practices.
  • Renewal of SMEs and Social Economy Intergroups: Call for the renewal of these groups and the working group on access to finance for SMEs.

To delve deeper into our recommendations, check out the full manifesto here.