MFC and EMN Collaborate with DG EMPL on Key Microfinance Initiatives

We are excited to share that the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (DG EMPL) has invited MFC and EMN to contribute to three crucial initiatives aimed at enhancing the microfinance sector:

  • Shaping the Legislative and Regulatory Microfinance Framework: By presenting best practices and addressing challenges, we aim to contribute to a more supportive framework for microfinance in Europe.
  • Feedback on Financial Guarantee Instrument for Skills and Education: We’re providing insights from the microfinance sector on the financial guarantee instrument under the InvestEU Social Window.
  • Supporting Microfinance Development in Ukraine and its Diaspora: We’re contributing to finding the best solutions for advancing the microfinance sector in Ukraine and among Ukrainian diasporas.

On June 12th, in collaboration with EMN, we delivered a comprehensive presentation to DG EMPL on the legislative and regulatory microfinance framework in Europe, highlighting challenges, best practices, and our recommendations.

A heartfelt thank you to all our members who have already provided valuable feedback on national legislative frameworks and the financial guarantee instrument for Skills and Education. Your input is instrumental in shaping the future of microfinance!