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EU Microfinance

How Microfinance Fits into European Union Policies?

The Europe 2020 strategy is about delivering economic growth with higher employment. It recognises entrepreneurship and self-employment as key for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The strategy is implemented by European Comission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker. The so called Juncker plan identifies 10 priorities of work, which include creating jobs and boosting growth. In its support to entrepreneurship and ...

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EaSI Technical Assistance to the European Microcredit Sector

What is EaSI Technical Assistance? The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Programme is an EU level financing instrument. Under fi-compass, a unique platform for advisory services on financial instruments and microfinance, EaSI TA offers institutional assessment and tailored training to selected microcredit providers, workshops to spread good practice in the wider European microcredit sector and a dedicated helpdesk. How is ...

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Financial Inclusion Ambassador’s Toolkit

The Toolkit helps our members navigate the financial inclusion landscape and be more effective advocates for financial inclusion. What is Financial Inclusion? While financial inclusion is “in vogue” — it’s also quite a vague term. Do we really know what it means? Does everyone mean the same thing? Does access differ from inclusion? How do we ‘do’ inclusion? How do ...

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The European Union Code of Good Conduct for microcredit providers

The EU Commission invites you to endorse the European Union Code of Good Conduct for microcredit providers Objectives of the Code The European Union Code of Good Conduct for microcredit providers (the Code) presents good practice guidelines to enable the microfinance sector to face the challenge of accessing long-term finance. It details common standards around microfinance provider operations and reporting. ...

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Ambassadors’ Contacts

Financial Inclusion Ambassadors in Microfinance Each year, MFC identifies and awards institutions, which contribute to promotion of financial inclusion in a significant way.   2016 ADIE – Association pour le Droit a l’Initiative Economique, France Agroinvest d.o.o., Serbia good.bee Credit IFN SA, Romania PARTNER Microcredit Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina   2015 Business and Cultural Development Center (KEPA), Greece National Contact ...

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Access to Finance Barometer

As part of a multi-component project funded by European Commission, MFC is developing and testing methodology of Access to Finance Barometer that will provide insights into the country-level access to finance issues and priorities in 10 EU countries. The purpose of the AFS Barometer is to assess the level of financial inclusion and conditions of access to finance in EU ...

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