Join the EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar: What can microfinance learn from the EU crowdfunding? 

22 April 2022

10:00 - 11:00



Explore how can the experience of the EU crowdfunding platforms be adapted by microfinance practitioners to expand their outreach to micro and social enterprises.

Microfinance is one of the best funding solutions for micro and social businesses. Many of the European MFIs are now in the process of digital transformation. However, they have not used the full potential of the online technology and social media that can serve as mobilizer of donors, investors, volunteers and other partners in the process of screening, supervising and managing funds. Crowdfunding can offer very valuable lessons in that field.  

Crowdfunding is an innovative way to fund projects and startups by raising small amounts of money from the public. It is still uncommon for MFIs to adapt their business models to the potential created by the crowdfunding model. At the webinar we will discuss how concept of microfinance and crowdfunding relate to each other. 

The European Crowdfunding Network, EUROCROWD (, is an independent, professional business network promoting adequate transparency, regulation and governance in digital finance while offering a combined voice in policy discussion and public opinion building. EUROCROWD executes initiatives aimed at innovating, representing, promoting and protecting the European crowdfunding industry as a key aspect of innovation within alternative finance and financial technology, including crypto assets and distributed ledger technologies.

Attendance for all webinars in the series is free of charge. The session targets primarily microfinance institutions (MFIs), including greenfield MFIs, banks, NGOs, regulators or other institutions and individuals working in the microfinance sector in Europe. European microfinance providers, either selected as EaSI Technical Assistance beneficiaries or interested to apply for the program can contact to receive more information about this event, as well as to request the participation in or organization of similar events. 

Our Experts

Oliver Gajda, Executive Director, EUROCROWD

Oliver founded EUROCROWD as an international NGO in 2013, serving since as Executive Director and Chairman. The past decade, Oliver has worked with venture capital, microfinance, technology and social entrepreneurship in both commercial and non-profit settings in Europe and the USA. A former journalist, he started his career in the early 1990s in the publishing and business information industries. Oliver holds Master’s degrees from Solvay Business School and from the University of Hamburg and studied at SEESS (UCL) in London. Oliver is a member of the Executive Board of EUROCROWD.

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