Welcome to Klear Lending – our new member

Welcome to Klear Lending – our new member

We are delighted to welcome Klear Lending, a new member to our community! Joining hands with us in our commitment to sustainable finance, this addition enriches our collective efforts.

Klear Lending or simply Klear, offers a comprehensive range of services on its peer-to-peer platform. For borrowers, they provide fairly-priced loans tailored to the needs of consumers, and soon, to micro and small enterprises. For investors, Klear offers alternative investment opportunities, catering to those seeking higher returns on their savings while connecting them with individuals and businesses in need, ultimately delivering better deals for all parties involved.

Klear’s mission is to Connecting borrowers and investors to create a financial landscape where fairness and transparency are paramount, ensuring equitable outcomes for both parties involved. Their mission is to foster this dynamic environment, empowering individuals and micro and small enterprises to achieve their financial goals.

Klear proudly serves a diverse clientele that spans both borrowers and investors. Leveraging their extensive experience in the microfinance sector, they have a demonstrated commitment to fostering economic growth and empowerment. Notably, a remarkable 22% of the loans facilitated by Klear have been specifically directed toward “Business” purposes within the microfinance landscape, highlighting our dedication to supporting self-employed individuals and passionate entrepreneurs who play a vital role in driving local economies forward. Klear takes immense pride in their role as enablers of financial inclusion and as trusted partners in the journey of these visionary business leaders.

If you’re interested in becoming an MFC member and being part of our mission, please visit our website to find out more about the benefits and how to join. We look forward to growing together and making a positive impact!

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