MFC advocates Financial Education for All in Poland

As in previous years, in 2017 MFC has been leading a growing group of financial education stakeholders, i.e. likeminded Polish partners to advocate for better coordination and quality of efforts. This informal group is called Partnership for Financial Education and comprises NGOs, commercial companies and public institutions, such as Ombudsmen. The representatives of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, and Polish Financial Supervision Authority participated in organised events. As means of advocacy, the Partnership produced a number of outputs this year, including the map of available educational tools (to decrease the syndrome of “wheel reinventing”), the map of educators and trainers (to facilitate access to trained professionals also in local communities), or the standards for financial education programmes; each of these initiatives being aimed at promoting the quality of financial education. Moreover, the Partnership launched an online portal (, which serves as a gateway for the sector in Poland.

Both the growing pool of partners, as well as their commitment promise further developments in 2018.