Meet the new MFC Member – EVPA

We are very happy to welcome on board and introduce the new MFC Member – EVPA. Last month, EVPA and the Microfinance Centre (MFC) have signed a cross-membership agreement that will ensure learning and spreading best practices on impact investing, especially out of the box, hybrid investment instruments deployed to support social enterprises, it will also leverage sharing best practices within microfinance and social finance community on impact measurement and finally help in advocating to CE for considering social outcomes as public savings and investment in social cohesion.

By signing a cross-membership agreement, EVPA and MFC will develop synergies between their respective members, and contribute to create impact focused financial services for the social economy. While the Microfinance Centre has a strong track record of developing best practices and behavioural codes of conduct for social lending, EVPA brings together a diverse group of capital providers (impact funds, foundations, corporate social investors, banks, public funders) and social innovators to catalyse and scale impact. 

“We are excited to join forces with the micro- and social finance sector and scale innovative societal solutions across Central and Eastern Europe”, said Roberta Bosurgi, EVPA CEO. “Leveraging connections and expertise across our communities will help us expand investing for impact practices that can truly drive positive change for people and the planet.”

“We are glad to partner with EVPA, a non-questionable leader in promoting impact investing in social enterprises, hoping to cooperate in order to boost development of the social economy in Europe” stated Katarzyna Pawlak, MFC Executive Director.

EVPA, the investing for impact community, is a unique network at the intersection
of finance and purpose, driven by knowledge and focused on impact. We aim to increase prosperity and social progress for all, fix inequalities and injustices and preserve the planet. We rally people, capital, knowledge and data to catalyse, innovate and scale impact. EVPA brings together a diverse group of capital providers (impact funds, foundations, corporate social investors, banks, public funders) and social innovators of all sorts – from household names to emerging new players.

The Microfinance Centre (MFC) is a social finance network that promotes fairness, inclusion, equality and responsible service. We unite over 100 organisations across 36 countries of Europe, Central Asia, who together deliver responsible microfinance services to almost 2,000,000 low-income clients.

MFC is a broad and diverse community of organizations interested in and practicing sustainable social finance. ​Together with our members – microfinance, financial cooperative systems, social finance banks, social investors, academic institutions, national and international support organizations, and networks – we seek to make financial services work effectively for people, communities, and the planet by embracing sustainability good practices and standards, sharing knowledge, advocacy and networking in the region of Europe and Central Asia.

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