Learning from the EU: Social Enterprise Development Support in Central Asia 2-Day MFC Workshop in Prague 

Learning from the EU: Social Enterprise Development Support in Central Asia 2-Day MFC Workshop in Prague 

12-13 may 2024

Prague, Czech Republic

You are invited to peer to peer learning experience focused supporting the development of social enterprise. The focus will be on European experience, which boosted with adoption of the Social Economy Action Plan by the European Commission.  

Target Audience: microfinance institutions, NGOs, government agencies, central bank and regulatory agencies and other stakeholders interested in supporting social enterprises in Central Asia. 

Workshop Objectives: 

  • Equip participants with knowledge of successful EU models for supporting social enterprises. 
  • Explore the potential for adapting EU best practices to the Central Asian context. 
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between EU and Central Asian stakeholders. 
  • Identify resources and strategies suitable for strengthening social enterprise support in Central Asia. 


Day 1 (2 PM – 6 PM): 

Welcome and Introductions (15 min) 

  • Introducing workshop objectives and facilitators. 
  • Icebreaker activity to encourage networking and team building. 

The Landscape of Social Enterprise in Central Asia (30 min) 

  • Overview of the current state of social enterprise development in Central Asia. 
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities for social enterprise growth in Central Asia 
  • Group discussion: Participants share their experiences and perspectives. 

Learning from the EU Model (45 min) 

  • EU definitions and support programmes for social enterprises. 
  • Key EU initiatives and funding instruments for social enterprise development. 
  • Successful EU case studies demonstrating innovative approaches to supporting social enterprises. 

Interactive Session: Adapting for Central Asia (45 min) 

  • Participants work in small groups to analyze the EU case studies presented. 
  • Each group identifies specific EU practices that could be adapted to their context in Central Asia. 
  • Brainstorming session: Developing an action plan for implementing these adaptations. 

Dinner Together 

Day 2 (1:30 PM – 4:30 PM): 

Financing Social Enterprises in the EU (45 min) 

  • Overview of traditional and innovative financing models used in the EU to support social enterprises (e.g., microfinance, social impact bonds, impact investing and crowdfunding platforms). 
  • Exploring challenges and considerations for adapting these models to the Central Asian context. 
  • Interactive session: Participants identify potential funding sources and strategies for social enterprises in Central Asia. 

Capacity Building for Social Impact (45 min) 

  • Presentation showcasing best practices in EU-based programs for social entrepreneur skill development and business growth. 
  • Plenary discussion: Exploring the potential for adapting these best practices to build capacity within Central Asian social enterprises. 
  • Presentation of online and offline resources from the EU that could be utilized in Central Asia. 

Building a Supportive Ecosystem in Central Asia (45 min) 

  • Individual presentation: Insights on building a thriving social enterprise ecosystem. 
  • Group discussion: Participants identify key stakeholders needed for a supportive social enterprise ecosystem in Central Asia. 
  • Brainstorming on strategies for encouraging collaboration and resource sharing among stakeholders. 

Wrap-up and Next Steps (15 min) 

  • Key takeaways and resources shared throughout the workshop. 
  • Feedback and suggestions for follow-up. 
  • Closing remarks and next steps 


  • Ewa Bańkowska, Poland, MFC Deputy Director 
  • Viktoria Karlovska, Czech Republic, MFC Specialist 
  • Pavol Kapsdorfer, Slovakia, MFC Network and Partnership Manager 


K +K Hotel Central 

Hybernská 10, Prague 1 

New Town, 110 00 

Register your interest:

Contact Viktoria@mfc.org.pl for more details