I want to build up my savings

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Simple daily strategies for saving

Simple daily strategies for saving

  • Start collecting certain coins or banknotes – e.g. collect any 5 EUR note or 1 EUR coin – put it aside
  • Put aside change each time you shop. Put the saved money in a jar / piggy box and place it in visible place in your house
  • Save while spending: Put aside some money with every expense e.g. if you pay 15 EUR in a shop put aside 1 EUR additionally aside
  • When picking your wallet to leave the house, empty it of coins and put all change into jar/piggy box
  • If you have different income streams, put aside one of them

Simple strategies for saving requiring preparation

Simple strategies for saving requiring preparation

  • Turn on the following option in your bank account: any time you pay with the debt card, your payment amount is rounded up to 1, 5 or 10 zł (you can choose). This difference (between paid amount and rounded up amount) is put aside to your saving account.
  • Agree with the whole family on a family saving goal e.g. going out/vacation and pre- commit how much each can put aside daily/weekly – put a jar with the picture and have the whole family input money there
  • If you receive a bonus in your work (monthly or annually), put aside part of it – most people put aside 200 zł.
  • If you have irregular income, every time you earn more than € 1000 (i.e. 1100), put aside this additional amount (for example €100)
  • When you earn more than usual income – put aside half of extra money
  • Start searching for Christmas presents [CHANGE TO RELEVANT RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY] in September – before prices rise.
  • To prepare for Christmas, put aside 50 zł every month starting from July.
  • (PL) When you get your tax refund, put aside part of it – most people put aside 200 zł.
  • (PL) Each time you get your 500+, put aside part of it – most people put aside 50zł
  • Tell your friend/family member about your new saving habits/goal and ask them to keep you accountable.
  • While paying the current month bills, pre-pay also the next month bills – this way you will get an additional sum available every second month

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