MFC Case Studies

Experimenting with Digital Solutions: Initial Lessons from European Microfinance

  This case study reviews digital applications and experimentation in digital transformation by European microfinance institutions. Using a digital transformation framework developed by the Microfinance Centre, the case explores the application of technology to core business processes and analyzes the use of various applications such as social media, virtual collaboration, mobile tools, data analytics and artificial intelligence. In addition to ...

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The Tech-and-Touch Mix in Microfinance

  This case study reviews how European MFIs incorporate high-tech solutions with the traditional high-touch personal approach to providing microfinance services and discusses the emergent models that MFIs are applying to combine these two approaches. Unlike FinTechs, MFIs retain the personal touch as a distinctive feature and a unique sales proposition of microfinance but there are differences as to when ...

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Business Development Services and Microfinance: Case Studies in Operational Models

  The MFC research reviews the involvement of microfinance institutions in the provision of non-financial services to clients and other constituents. The provision of business development services (BDS) alongside credit has become a salient feature of many European MFIs. Over the years, different models of BDS have emerged, varying both by level of integration with core financial services and the ...

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