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Borrow Wisely Financial Education Campaign

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The Borrow Wisely promotes global client protection standards. This annual international Campaign is led by the MFC and its partners. We work with any institution that is a responsible lender (complying with current global standards of client protection) working in the Europe and Central Asian region.

In 2016 our partners engaged directly and virtually with 473,660 clients and potential clients.

Learn more about Borrow Wisely Campaign 2016 Evaluation results!

Timeline: October (annual event)

Target group: Current and potential clients of microfinance institutions 

Partners: 24 institutions  from 17 countries

MFC members are participating in the Borrow Wisely! Campaign in the field.

These are Farm Credit, Nor Horizon, Finca, Ucora (Armenia), AzerCredit (Azerbaijan), NOA Sh.a. (Albania), EKI, LiderMiBospo, and Partner (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mikrofond and SIS Credit (Bulgaria), Crystal (Georgia), Kepa (Greece), AFK (Kosovo), Asian Credit Fund (Kazakhstan), Horizonti (Macedonia), Microinvest (Moldova), AgroInvest (Serbia and Montenegro), ACAF (Spain);  Vitas (Romania), Opportunity Bank (Serbia), Hope (Ukraine) and Imon, (Tajikistan).