Social Performance Fund: 7 years of Scaling up Social Performance Infographic Summary

The Social Performance Fund managed by the Microfinance Centre, aimed at promoting social performance standards and encouraging systematic integration of Social Performance Management (SPM) in order to ensure responsible and inclusive microfinance.

Through 7 years, in cooperation with our partners such as SPTF, CERISE, SmartCampaignMIXMarket and thanks to a mix of capacity building, off-site support and financial support, we managed to build the capacity of thousands of people and several hundred institutions including 50 national associations all over the world in social performance management.

Social Performance Fund has been a pioneering facility:

  • We have been the first to work with 13 national associations who had no experience with SPM. As a result of our interventions, focused on increasing transparency of the sector, the networks were able to trained/assisted 308 MFIs in aligning systems/processes to SP. Thanks to that 286 MFIs integrated SP indicators into their reporting and reported their data.
  • We were leading in testing newly developed social performance management standards with 9 national associations and their members. As a result 113 MFIs improved their practices in areas such as client protection or responsibility towards staff. The experience we gained was instrumental in further development of SPM standards.
  • We succeeded in promoting SPI4 tool within the sector. In last 2 years 190 MFIs used SPI4 tool for management or/and reporting purposes. 12 national associations created country SP reports.
  • During the programee we distributed $ 1 240 100 in the form of grants to networks and microfinance institutions.

SP Fund was instrumental in supporting sector Social Performance Management infrastructure development:

  • We have significantly contributed to SPTF resource center with tools and manuals collected (133 tools collected).
  • We helped to translate Universal Standards for SPM to 20 local languages
  • Our learnings, examples of good practise and solutions were captured in 55 case studies, briefs, and reports available publicly for practitioners
  • We supported 16 persons who became qualified SPI4 auditor and as a result external SPI4 audit became more available for financial institutions.

Our achievements would not be possible without generous financial support of Ford Foundation.

Social Performance Fund infographic summary
Social Performance Fund infographic summary