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How an MFI can act best during the time of the pandemic? We have started compiling all relevant initiatives that could benefit your businesses. Learn from the others’ practices & share yours! On this special resources page you will learn also about institutional and organizational solutions. We will be updating this webpage as new ideas come up, so do not forget to check it regularly. We are doing best to support the sector, You are not alone during this troublesome times!

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MFC & EMN resources

How MFI’s are dealing with COVID-19 repercussions?

Actions and opportunities from institutions and private sector





30 September 2020 and 7 October 2020

The results of the MFC research were presented by Kinga Dąbrowska and Justyna Pytkowska

  • ” How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19″

More about the series

In ENGLISH – sessions are over, watch the recordings below

in RUSSIAN – sessions are over, watch the recordings below

past webinars recordings 

  • “How to cope with the pandemic effects on MFI’s businesses” – 1st Webinar, good practices by Adie, OBS and microStart (26 March 2020) – watch the recording
  • “Business continuity” (series: How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19) – watch the recording
  • “Stress Test for Success” (series: How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19)( 15 April 2020) –  watch the recording
  • “Loan Restructuring and Refinancing Agreements” (series: How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19) (16 April 2020) – watch the recording
  • “Amendments to lending policy for new products and online channels” (series: How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19) (22 April 2020) – watch the recording
  • “Risk management for beginners and back-up staff “(series: How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19) (23 April 2020) – watch the recording
  • “Financial planning and financial modelling” (series: How to Build a Corporate Immune System in Response to COVID-19) (29 April 2020)  – watch the recording
  • 1-я сессия: Непрерывность работы бизнеса (22 April 2020) – watch the recording
  • 2-я сессия: Стресс-тест на успешность(30/04/2020) – watch the recording
  • 3-я сессия: Политики и соглашения по реструктуризации и рефинансированию кредитов(4/05/2020) – watch the recording
  • 4-я сессия: Поправки к кредитной политике для новых продуктов и онлайн-каналов(7/05/2020) – watch the recording
  • 5-я сессия: Управление рисками для начинающих и резервного персонала(11/05/2020) – watch the recording
  • 6-я сессия:Финансовое планирование и финансовое моделирование (15/05/2020) – watch the recording

Must reads:  

  • MFC CEO FORUM Talk: Leonard Marcus and Eric McNulty – You’re It. Crisis, Change, and How to Lead When It Matters Most (prepared by Piotr Koryński) – read it
  • Home office tips for employers and employees (prepared by Kinga Dąbrowska) – read it
  • Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Microfinance Sector in Europe : an MFC publication – read it

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Protect your staff

Work from home

  • microStart HR solutions for the time of pandemic: In microStart all of the employees work from home. For parents flexible working hours are ensured. All of the teams have daily meetings with managers. Every day crisis team meet. Each employee has to be sure they have a back-up.

– for detailed description of the actions taken  see the presentation from microStart  (presented during the 1st good practices webinar)

Work remotely whenever possible, when impossible..

  • Opportunity Bank Serbia Number of clients in the branch is limited to two. Crisis team meets every day to decide about necessary actions. Antibacterial soap, gloves and masks are provided at every branch.

see the presentation from OBS  (presented during the 1st good practices webinar)

  • UTCAR: One person designated in charge of health protection. There is a constant rotation of front and back office

Protect your business and clients

  • Adie: Remote loan appraisals, adapted loans procedures to allow remote underwriting and disbursement. Adie introduced also Emergency Loan and is conducting e-mail and phone campaigns.

see the presentation from Adie  (presented during the 1st good practices webinar)

  • microStart: Coaching available online & e-learning replacement for trainings. E-mail and phone calls campaigns. Consolidate data in risk follow up document. Suspension of instalments.
  • Microfinance Ireland: New COVID-19 Business Loan introduced. Loan reimbursement plan and additional funding.
  • Qredits: Bridge Loan introduced. Setting up Helpdesks. Grace period of 6 months.
  • PerMicro: Published government decrees on social media translated in main customer languages

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International organizations and institutions

  • European Commission DG EMPL: Social economy – Solidarity Corona initiatives – SEE THEM
  • European Commission mobilises all of its resources to protect lives and livelihoods – CHECK HOW
  • European Investment Bank: The EIB Group has proposed a plan to mobilise up to €40 billion of financing – READ THEIR COMMUNICATION
  • European Council: Council adopts measures for immediate release of funds – READ ABOUT IT
  • International Labour Organization : ILO: e-Campus – ENTER THE CAMPUS HERE
  • CGAP – FinDevGateway :Urgent: A Rescue Plan for the Microfinance Sector – READ IT
  • CGAP – FinDevGateway : Treating Staff Responsibly During the Pandemic: Three Things to Do Today – READ IT
  • International Monetary Fund:  Key economic responses governments are taking to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – GET TO KNOW THEM


Public administration

Microfinance national associations summaries and reports (as of 6th May)

Funders, Platforms

  • Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation: How Coronavirus affects Microfinance sector – READ THE PAPER
  • Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation: International microfinance institutions anticipate the first effects of a recession – READ THE PAPER
  • Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation: For some microfinance institutions, the health crisis is an opportunity to improve their operational performance through digital technology – READ THE PAPER
  • Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation: The microfinance sector is organising itself in the face of the effects of the health crisis – READ THE PAPER
  • Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation : Une reprise sous contraintes operationnelles et financieres READ THE ARTICLE
  • EFSE Development Facility: COVID-19 Impact on MSEs Report – READ THE EFSE DF REPORT
  • ADA : COVID-19 Crisis Resource Centre: ENTER HERE
  • Inpulse, ADA, GCAF: New Opportunities After COVID19: a Joint Assessment – SEE THE RESULTS
  • Facebook: Small Business Grants Program – LEARN ABOUT THE PROGRAM
  • e-mfp (European Microfinance Platform): COVID-19 Financial Inclusion Compass – GET THE DIRECTIONS
  • e-mfp, SPTF, Accion : forum for the financial inclusion sector to discuss responses to COVID-19 – JOIN THE FORUM
  • SPTF: customer centric response to pandemic –  CHECK THE RESPONSE
  • The Financial Access Initiative: Global pandemic meets microfinance: Impact on poor households, and what the industry needs to do now – WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING
  • The Financial Access Initiative: Resources from the faiV webinar (recording’s link above) – LEARN FROM THEM
  • Next Billion: Coronavirus Resources for the Social Impact Sector – READ MORE
  • AFI: COVID-19 Policy Response – CHECK IT 


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Our Resources Library will be expanding with new initiatives, assistance possibilities and information on how to cope with the pandemic effects. This Library would not be possible to create without your participation.

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