CEO Summit 2016

CEO forum

We are pleased to invite you to the 2016 CEO Summit, which will take place in Tirana on 24-25 June, 2016. This Summit will follow the annual MFC conference, and in the same venue (conveniently located in the heart of the Albanian capital). Over these two days, our aim is to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and support so that we might foster open dialogue, healthy debate and creative thinking among you, the delegates.

We’ll start with a “meet and greet” session on Friday afternoon (June 24) at 17:00, followed by a short session to agree the role and the future of the CEO Forum. Over a delegate dinner, we hope you will take the opportunity to relax and get to know the other delegates in a relaxed environment.

The Saturday (June 25) program will consist of two parts: during the first, we’ll talk about managing crisis situations, the challenges of navigating situations of increased complexity. We’re excited to have Andrew Pospielovsky (the former CEO of Access Bank Holding in Azerbaijan) leading this discussion. We’ll then devote the second part of the day to exploring how to apply strategic foresight to microfinance. Foresight is a forecasting and decision-making tool used by businesses large and small, although it is rarely applied in our sector. Cornelia Daheim, the Founder of Future Insights (Germany) will introduce us to foresight methods and tools, to help us think about the future.

We hope that this forum will help you take create the space needed to consider strategic challenges present in your work and leadership, all the while stimulating new thinking and new ideas.

For further information please contact Aldona Rutkowska

We look forward to seeing you in Tirana!

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