CEO Summit 2016: From crisis management to strategic foresight

CEO forum

The third annual CEO Summit brought together sector leaders in Tirana for a two-day roundtable at the end of MFC 2016.

This year’s event focused on the challenges faced by CEOs analyzed from two different perspectives: dealing with crisis situations, and anticipating (and preparing for) the future.

Dr. Andrew Pospielovsky led the discussions on managing MFIs through crisis. The CEOs reviewed the dynamics of a range crisis situations and their organizational impact, and shared their own experiences and lessons learned from the past crises.  Andrew captured emerging lessons and wisdom as a key “take-away”, which should help leaders to think strategically about future crisis points – viewing them not only as a formidable challenge, but also an opportunity to grow and improve our businesses.


The discussion on future trends was led by Dr. Cornelia Daheim (Future Insights), who introduced the concept of strategic foresight and engaged leaders in exploring the key factors that may influence the development of industry in the near term. The group’s conclusions were summarized in a slide presentation, which includes an overview of the strategic foresight method.

These group strategizing and visioning exercises brought about new ideas and insights to improve leaders’ effectiveness in their executive roles. The next CEO Summit will take place in Sarajevo (Bosnia) in May 2017.  Between now and then, the CEO Forum hold a range of events and activities, including executive coaching for CEOs and technical workshops for HR Managers at the end of September.

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