I want to pay my bills on time

Here are some easy tips to help you pay your bills on time. Choose one the options below and apply!

  • Pay all the bills immediately after receiving salary.
  • If you keep forgetting paying the bills on time, put reminder in your phone each month to remind you about payment date.
  • Put aside (e.g. on separate account, envelope, box) some money from each income so you can save up the amount needed to cover the bills for the following month. [FOR PEOPLE WITH IRREGULAR MONTHLY INCOME]
  • Put aside (e.g. on separate account, envelope, box) the total amount you need to cover all your bills in the following months until the next income. [FOR PEOPLE WITH IRREGULAR INCOME FEW TIMES A YEAR]
  • If you forget paying the bills which are irregular or 1-2 per year e.g. taxes, insurance, prepare a list with due date and put on your fridge, your mobile.
  • Discuss with the provider possibility to repay in tranches (this may help to not have penalty fee being added every day/month as well).

Or maybe you want to pay less for your utilities? Check out these options:

  • Change the light bulbs into energy saving ones. People who did this could decrease their energy bills by at least 10%.
  • Unplug appliances on stand-by mode (chargers, microwave, etc). People who did this could buy even 2 extra pair of shoes.
  • Take shower instead of bath to save on water.
  • Stop the water to run while brushing your teeth.
  • Turn off the light anytime you leave the room empty.
  • Cover the pod with a lid while cooking to save energy.
  • If you need to boil water for one cup of tea, boil not more than you need to save on energy.
  • Turn off the heating while opening a window (during cold season).

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