The Mystery of UX/UI Unfold #DigLitBootcamp (7 July)

7 July 2020

Throughout discussions about digital transformation, we keep on hearing UX/UI is a key to success in digital presence. The effectiveness of our online existence depends on quality of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). What are we actually talking about? This webinar unpacks what User Experience really is. It provides review of methods you can use to develop your services in the way they match clients digital expectations and preferences. We discuss the new approach to product and service development, that address people’s digital behaviors – about design thinking and design sprints. The webinar reviews the trends in design of UX/UI from the perspective of financial institution.


Presenter Bartosz Narzelski, Independent Consultant

Bartosz Narzelski is Service & Product Designer with strong communication mindset. He facilitates the design strategy implementation in teams, which work on developing and validating business ideas by prototyping. He lectures on tools that help designing innovation and team building in one of the Polish universities.

As a strategist and service designer he worked for digital agencies and their clients coming from different sectors: business, public and non-government organizations.

An evangelist of Agile methodology and service design methods – one of the best way to solve complex problems. Privately he is a fan of alternative education and LEGO, stealing them from his three kids.

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