MFC Signs Strategic Partnership with China Association of Microfinance

The MFC’s Partnership Programme for Country Associations is an initiative that is expected to move the cooperation with country level microfinance networks to a new, strategic level.

The Microfinance Centre has signed strategic partnership with the China Association of Microfinance (CAM).  Apart from the above-mentioned the Programme has already been initiated with 13 country level associations: MFO (Macedonia), AMFI (BiH), AMFOT (Tajikistan), AMFA (Azerbaijan), AMFI (Kyrgyzstan), UCORA (Armenia), AMA (Albania), AMFOK (Kazakhstan), CMF (Nepal), MNBFIA (Mongolia), MCPI (Philippines) and AMIR (Rwanda).

The China Association of Microfinance is the first national member-based association in the microfinance sector in China, and its legal entity is the Microcredit Development Research Branch of China County and Township Economic Exchange Promotion Association (CCTEEPA), which is the second-tier branch of CCTEEPA. CCTEEPA was established in 1992, which is a national civil society organization approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA) of the People’s Republic of China and has the independent legal personality. CCTEEPA is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and is run by the Rural Development Institute (RDI) of CASS.

Since its setup, CAM has maintained a close relationship and cooperation with policy and regulatory departments like PBC and China Banking Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as CBRC), and undertaken lots of activities in the fields of policy advocacy, self-regulation, training and technical assistance, information exchanges and fundraising services, serving its members in an effective way. CAM has introduced and promoted the concept of inclusive finance, which has been written in the resolution of the third plenary session of 18th Central Committee of CPC and also become the focus of the State Council in the field of financial reform. CAM advocates for the practice in rural finance and supports the development of public-interest microfinance institutions, being recognized by all the parties. CAM took a lead to set up a self-discipline committee of P2P and has a wide influence in the field of microfinance and inclusive finance. With the support of Citi Network Strengthening Program, the governance structure and service level of CAM have been improved. The annual conference and Global Microentrepreneurship Award held by CAM every year have been regarded as significant events in China’s microfinance sector and also been marked as the brand events of CAM.

Vision of CAM

To become a representative and sustainable association providing high-quality services to its member institutions and the microfinance industry in China.

Mission of CAM

To offer financial services to financially under-serviced groups (especially the poor and low-income populations) to satisfy their demand and to promote the building of an inclusive financial system and the establishment of a harmonious and happy society through providing services and support to its member institutions and enhancing the outreach and sustainability of MFIs as well as the overall capacity and level of the industry.