MFC Members News: Internet Corners for the Clients of Opportunity Bank Serbia

As a part of its efforts to educate and empower its clients, MFC Member Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS) decided to install internet corners in its branches in order to enable clients to use computers and internet while waiting to be served. The first corners were piloted in Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Belgrade branches during 2017. Majority of OBS clients do not use computers or even own smart mobile phones, as they live in rural areas and come from poorer population segments so the idea behind this small project is to prepare these clients for the future and enable them to cope with the digitalization era. The plan is to equip all OBS branches with one such mini Internet Café so that the clients could check their email, Facebook, Youtube or just surf the web to go through the news and other topics of their interest.

Borrow Wisely” education materials and videos were made available here, as well as OBS educational materials about managing household budget and importance of savings. These corners is also where OBS clients tested their financial health, as a part of the project run by the MFC and it was both interesting and surprising to see how well they reacted to this test and their test results. Each Internet Corner has one dedicated „promoter“ who spend 5 hours a day with the task to invite clients to use the computer and show them how to do it.

In the photo: Novi Sad Internet Corner promoter with OBS client

Source: Opportunity Bank Serbia