InsurTech for Microfinance #DigLitBootcamp

8 September 2020

Technology is a key enabler for pushing the boundaries towards new distribution models, on demand services and unprecedented level of customer interaction. Sheer scale is no longer the only way to build a market and to become profitable: it’s increasingly about granular data & real time insight. The insurance sector shows similar trends. The increased availability of data and the lower costs of digital distribution enables new, affordable insurance and risk management solutions to be created that contribute to closing existing protection gaps. This webinar will provide you with an overview of trends & developments in the global Insurtech ecosystem. New innovative insurance solutions like on demand, parametric, inclusive or micro-insurance products will be introduced, and we will explore how these new concepts are of value to microfinance institutions. What are the key technologies that should be on your radar? What are some of the most inspiring innovations? What can microfinance organisations learn from the collaboration between insurance companies and startups?



Don Ginsel, Founder of Holland FinTech

Don Ginsel is a Civil Engineer and former banker at ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. After leaving banking for Venture Capital, the innovative power of technology and start-ups drove him to choose the startup side for a while. He has since been active as entrepreneur, investor and as mentor and coach through several accelerators and incubators.

He founded Holland FinTech in 2014, currently the largest financial innovation ecosystem in Europe, aiming to use the momentum in the financial industry, to change it for the better. Holland FinTech has built a strong knowledge base through research and insights gained through the enormous network of change agents that tie strongly into the financial industry across Europe. Working through a program for collaboration, transformation and impact, Holland Fintech offers its vast network of over 500 member companies a unique advantage to be part of the future of the financial industry and drive forward the digital economy.
See also: Don is active as entrepreneur and board member in several initiatives that are driving forward digital transformation and building innovation ecosystems across the world.
For more information about Don, please see: Don’s LinkedIn Profile

Onno Bloemers, Partner at First Day Advisory Group

Onno Bloemers has a broad experience as an insurance innovator. He is a strong advocate of the idea that the future of insurance lies in a shift from managing policies towards managing risks. This means augmenting traditional policy solutions that do not actively contribute to safety and customer engagement with new technologies and services that do. Reinventing how we manage risks & safety, so to speak. Over the past decade, Onno has worked with leading insurers and Insurtechs implementing these concepts. And while technology & data are crucial to make this happen, this is first and foremost about building awareness and the ability to effectively change, on both an organisational and an individual level. Onno is one of the founding partners of First Day Advisory Group, helping organisations in their search for future-proof, sustainable business models and contributing to their successful realisation.

For more information about Onno, please see: Onno’s LinekdIn Profile

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