How to reach consensus during online meetings? || LiDE Webinar recording

Track 2: Digital teams

Date: 15 April 2021

💡 Some people simply hate meetings, as there is a lot of talking, and no results. It might be even worse with online meetings, when there is no chance to “close the deal” while having a break or informal conversations outside the meeting room. Does it sound like your case? Then this webinar is for you. This webinar is a follow up to the previous one titled Online Meeting Facilitation, introducing the rules and principles of online meeting facilitation.

 ➡ In this webinar, we are focusing on facilitation methods which can be used in those online meetings, that require participants to agree on something or to reach a consensus. It will be run as a demo of real discussion, relevant for microfinance practitioners.

Participants will learn:

1. How do you structure and run an online meeting, during which a group has to come to an agreement / consensus?
2. What is a focus question and why it is important to create one at the beginning of the meeting?
3. How to use online tools for facilitation?
4. What makes a good facilitator (do’s and dont’s)? The webinar targets any staff member in an MFI, responsible for organizing and facilitating a meeting at any level of the organization.

If you haven’t participated in the previous webinar “Online Meeting Facilitation”, it is highly recommended to watch its recording in advance.

Webinar timeline

14:37 –> Good practices for meetings facilitation

22:45 –> Facilitator’s role

32:13 –> Characteristics of good facilitator

40:00 –> Online tools for meeting facilitation

52:25 –> step by step in meeting to reach consensus

Our Expert

Joanna Rada

facilitator, coach and business trainer

Joanna Rada who is a professional facilitator, coach and business trainer with 15 years senior exectutive background She has developed the Facilitator’s training for Coachwise in Poland and delivered multiple facilitated sessions in-classrom and online for groups and teams from different industries. 

She is also a certified ICF coach with 8 years experience who supports teams and individuals in their professional skills development.  

About the Leaders in Digital Era series

The idea was developed based on lessons learnt from the Digital Literacy Bootcamp  devoted to digital transformation in microfinance. 

Digitalize or die – offering services online is no longer an alternative for MFIs; it is the way as people all over the world change their preferences towards any type of brand and sector. However, today’s leaders must manage not only an organization that undergoes a digital transformation.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic boosted the fact that more and more employees work remotely. They have been suddenly forced to deal with work challenges in a time of volatility, anxiety, fast changing circumstances and many uncontrolled risks. Thus, the leaders manage people that live in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). They manage virtual teams that often consist of three generations (X, Y, Z) with varying skills and attitudes.

This requires leaders to make sure they improve skills like emotional intelligence, managing generational differences, and building an organizational culture that embraces fast changing consumers’ preferences and fashion, driven by accelerating technology.


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