Borrow Wisely Campaign 2021 Overview

Last year’s BWC results are here for you. The participants, assisted by MFC team, have done a great job to adapt the Campaign to the pandemic reality second year in a row.

General outreach of the Campaign in 2021

2021 #Borrow Wisely edition has proven to be a success once again. The figures speak for themselves:

  • 23 partners of the Campaign
  • across 13 countries in Europe and Central Asia
  • The campaign results are impressive: overall BWC partners reached 3 006 446 users through online channels of communication, and despite the difficult epidemic situation, they organized on-site events (taking care of all of the health and security measures) which united almost 18 560 attendees. 

It is worth acknowledging our partners for their efforts in promoting Borrow Wisely Campaign and highlighting that they achieved great results.

Congratulations to 2021 #BWC partners:

Agro&Social Fund Albania, Noa Albania, Albanian Microfinanace Association AMA, Fondi Besa Albania, EKI Bosnia and Herzegovina, Leader Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mi-Bospo Bosnia and Herzegovina, Partner Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sunrise Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amfi Bosnia and Herzegovina, SIS Credit Bulgaria, AFK Kosovo, Horizonti Macedona, Microinvest Moldova, Monte Credit Montenegro, PZFP Poland, Vitas Romania, Agroinvest Serbia, Opportunity Bank Serbia, Hope Ukraine, AMFA Azerbaijan, FINCA Azerbaijan, ACORA Armenia.

We would like to congratulate all of the participating MFC members, partnering with us for several years already. Each year the results are really impressive – thanks to our common endeavours, we reach to more and more of MF clients and wider public. BWC crew unites every year to share the knowledge about borrowing money wisely.

The leaders with unbelievably outstanding results of reaching the most people online are:

  1. Microinvest – Moldova,
  2. Noa – Albania,
  3. Sunrise – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stay tuned for #2022BWC Campaign news!

Are you curious about what will happen in 2022? We want to continue with the Borrow Wisely campaign. Soon, together with our partners we will start working on a new formula. We will keep You informed so stay tuned!

Borrow Wisely 2021