Welcome to our new member: SMART CREDIT from Moldova!

The SMART CREDIT LLC is a moldavian microfinance institution operating in 5 branches, placed mainly in small cities: Ungheni (2 branches), Calarasi, Cimislia and Chisinau, oriented to small entrepreneurs and social disadvantaged people: 70 % of the SCs’ clients are people from rural regions of Moldova and 56 % of the SCs’ clients are women.

The SMART CREDIT’s vision is to help customers improve their living conditions and to realize their hopes and dreams.

The SMART CREDIT’s mission is to manifest itself as the best provider of microfinance services in the regions, especially to the socially disadvantaged and small entrepreneurs. The SMART CREDIT’s slogan is “For a better life” (Pentru o viata mai buna).

The SMART CREDITs’ strategy is to be nr. 1 MFI  in Moldova oriented to business (small and medium entreupreneurs) and social disadvantaged people. Started in 2010 with own capital of 300 Euro, now SMART CREDIT operate with 860 000  Euro own capital, and Credit Portfolio about 2 500 000 Euro.

SMART CREDIT offers credits and insurances.

MFO SMART CREDIT loans for business and privates:

  • Loan amount : – up to 130 000 MDL (6 630 EUR), for business and up to 80 000 MDL (4080 EUR) for other puposes.
  • Up to 50 % of the loan may have other destination as private expenditures, education etc.
  • Loan period – till 60 months.
  • Credit is granted with guarantee of only 1 or 2 guarantors.

As bancassurance agent, the MFI SMART CREDIT LLC concludes insurance contracts on behalf of the Grawe Carat insurance company. SMART CREDIT offers all types of insurances.