Welcome to New MFC Member: Singlify, a Fintech from UK!


We are very pleased to introduce new MFC Member: Singlify, a new UK based social enterprise. Companys’ aim is to make the state of the art in cloud and FinTech technology available to social investors and MFIs. Singlify allows organisations to manage all of their processes and data from within one platform (Salesforce) and combines CRM and end to end loan management within one solution. It allows external stakeholders (Clients, Investment Committee Members, Investors) to have access to dedicated online web portals which are fully integrated with the rest of the Singlify platform.

The problem Singlify is addressing is that there is currently a lack of affordable sector-specific solutions for MFIs and Social Investors and that it is too expensive to custom build bespoke in-house solutions. This results in organisations building a variety of disconnected IT tools and manual processes which leads to inefficiency, unreliability and a lack of transparency and insight

Signify is a social enterprise which first and foremost aims to bring the best in class technology to the social sector at affordable and predictable prices. They  are planning to re-invest the majority of any profits they make back into the organisation and sector in order to achieve their social mission.

Company mission:

Make best of class in cloud and FinTech technology available to the MFI and Social Investment sector

Types of services:

Singlify provides an end to end technology solution for microfinance institutions and other social investors

Types of clients:

Singlify works with microfinance institutions and other social investors.