Software Group empowers the microfinance sector through technology


Software Group (SG) specializes in end-to-end solutions for the microfinance sector, focusing particularly on microfinance institutions, cooperatives and credit unions. The company is active in over 60 countries on 6 continents and works from offices in Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico and Philippines. A global market leader, SG continues to grow and develop worldwide; its focus in 2016 are attracting external investment, focusing on the latest technologies in providing alternative delivery channels and recruiting new talent.

То underpin this growth, Software Group has just secured strategic minority investment from two leading industry players – the European Investment Fund (through their local representative organization Black Peak Capital) and PostScriptum Ventures, a venture capital group. This influx of funding will support SG’s development and growth on both current and new markets.

In addition, SG is driving the latest trends in technology. In line with our vision to accelerate financial inclusion by creating cutting edge technology, SG is offering cloud and SaaS solutions, utilizing leading global providers. Our approach enhances customers’ efficiency and provides them with a consolidated (centralized), high-availability and scalable services using clustering and elastic load balancing technologies. Examples of large innovative microfinance networks that already started using these technologies are the French group Microcred, Fullerton Financial Holdings and Association of credit unions (ACCU) in Asia Pacific region.

Currently, SG maintains the biggest implementation and support team in the microfinance industry, and continues building its team globally, in order to continually improve our customer service. This includes attracting talents and experienced people in Europe and Central Asia through the new Blue Card employment program launched in Bulgaria.