SIFTA – Declaration Form Regarding Sanction Clause 

SIFTA – Declaration Form Regarding Sanction Clause

The participant hereby represents for himself/herself as well as on behalf of his/her employer, that they arenot in breach of any sanctions or restrictive measures imposed or administered by a competent body or official institution or agency (each a “Sanction”) and that neither the participant nor his/her employer are affected bya “Sanction Event”, that is where:

(a) the participant, its employer or any entity or person which directly or indirectly owns or controls or directs the employer, or which the employer acts on behalf of, breaches, or becomes in breach of or the target of, a Sanction; or

(b) a country or territory (including their government) in which any of the persons referenced under (a) are located or resident in, or organised or incorporated under, becomes the target of a Sanction.

It is acknowledged and agreed that the Sanction-related undertakings are only sought and given to the extent that to do so is permissible pursuant to any applicable anti-boycott rule of the European Union, such as Regulation (EC) 2271/96 as amended from time to time.

November 2022