Read the MFC Annual Report 2017!


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you the MFC Annual Report for 2017!

Since its inception, the MFC has worked at the forefront of best practice in financial inclusion. To continue this engagement, last year the MFC Board and staff developed a new strategy that will support our members in navigating through the current era of rapid technological change.

The ability to deliver financial services via digital channels is opening up new opportunities to microfinance institutions and their clients.  While mainstream financial institutions have significant resources to invest in new technology—microfinance practitioners often lack the funding and expertise needed to do so. The MFC’s new Learn, Link, Lead strategy will bridge this gap, enabling MFC members to develop new skills and strategies, identify partnership opportunities and, in some cases, gain access to additional resources to help them go digital.  And because leveraging new technologies requires institutional change, MFC will support these processes by providing peer learning and coaching opportunities and additional expertise.

We would like to thank all of our members and partners for your fruitful cooperation and confidence in MFC. We look forward to our continued discussion and collaboration!

The MFC Annual Report 2017 infographic summary

MFC Annual Report 2017 summary infographic
MFC Annual Report 2017 summary infographic