Migrant Entrepreneurs and MFIs – Why and How? Webinar (23 July 2020)


Are migrants a market for MFIs?

Migrant entrepreneurship rises as a topic on the agenda of European Commission, boosted by the recent so called migration crisis. The webinar will discuss the reasons for that interest, as well as will diagnose the opportunities for microfinance. We will identify the differences between serving migrants and locals, as well as review the risks related to  this target group. We will hear the opinions of two practitioners: Autoocuppacion from Spain – the organization, that provides business support services  to entrepreneurial migrants and cooperates with financial institutions, and from microStart from Belgium – the MFI that provides business loans and services to migrants.

Join us to learn about recent state of art in terms of migrant business support.

The webinar is hosted within the frames of MAGNET project, that aims at providing practitioners with tools supporting migrant businesses development.

Practical information and registration

Date: 23 July, Thursday

Time: 11:00 CET



Lens Lapauw, Operations Manager at microStart, Belgium

Guillem Aris, Director at Autoocupacio, Spain

Ewa Bańkowska, Responsible Fianance Expert, MFC


  • Why migrant entrepreneurship is important?
    • Contribution to EU economy (and thus on the agenda of EU)
    • Solidarity with migrants and refugees in need (and thus a niche market for MFIs)
    • Covid impact on migrant entrepreneurship
  • Migrant entrepreneurship support in EU – state of art
    • Key trends
    • Magnet project
  • Why and how should MFIs serve migrants – perspective of Autooccupacion
  • Why and how should MFIs serve migrants – perspective of microStart
  • Q&A
  • Tools for MFIs (Magnet project outputs)

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