Microfinance for Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign 2024

Microfinance for Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign 2024

Join Microfinance for Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign and promote your organization! 

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to start their own businesses, and we want to empower Youth Entrepreneurs. MFC, along with the partners, is going to promote the role of the microfinance sector in supporting youth entrepreneurs, in addition to sharing success stories from our partners. 

MFC is expanding its reach by engaging with microfinance stakeholders and showcasing the vital role of microfinance in financing youth entrepreneurs.

According to the publication ‘Missing Entrepreneurs 2023’  about 40% of young people (15- 30 years old) in the EU indicated that they would prefer to be self-employed compared to working as an employee However, this entrepreneurial ambition does not always translate into business creation or working as self-employed. Despite increased support and investment in youth entrepreneurship, youth continue to face barriers in entrepreneurship, including a lack of entrepreneurship skills, limitations in building networks and difficulties accessing finance 

Your participation supports the recognition of microfinance in bridging the gap for youth entrepreneurs and building visibility for the sector. 

Check out Last Year’s Campaign on Microfinance for Female Entrepreneurship 

Microfinance for Female Entrepreneurship Campaign 2023 results

At the international level, the MFC spearheaded a dynamic campaign promoting the role of the microfinance sector in supporting female entrepreneurs, in addition to sharing success stories from our partners. The social media and newsletters initiative reached about 13,000 individuals through 21 posts across 3 platforms and emails sent to over 2,000 people. 

Campaign 2023 Partners

Campaign Timeline 2024 

We invite you to become a Partner of the Microfinance for Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign!

We call for long-standing partners to implement this campaign with us this year, as well as encourage new organizations to join it. 

Please contact Joanna Sosnowska-Orynska at joanna.sosnowska@mfc.org.pl to learn more and become a partner.

Let’s unite to empower youth entrepreneurship and strengthen the international foundation for developing entrepreneurship opportunities through microfinance.

In October we will be also running Borrow Wisely Campaign. Join us!

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