MFC on the situation in Ukraine and ways of helping Ukrainians right now.

We have watched in shock as Ukraine was invaded last week by Russian military troops. We express our concern for all of those affected by the violence. With each new image of families fleeing their homes and citizens fighting for freedom at the risk of their lives, our thoughts are with all citizens of Ukraine: those fighting for their country, those fleeing war, those worried about their loved ones.

Poland and other Ukraine’s neighbours have opened their borders to civilians fleeing the conflict, and have quickly found caring for hundreds of thousands of desperate people, many of them mothers and young children.

We have been in contact with Hope for Ukraine – our Ukrainian member, offering assistance in any way we can. Our MFC team members like millions of Polish people are also mobilizing resources that will provide vital support to people forced to flee their homes. In these dark hours, we take comfort in knowing that the whole world unites to help Ukraine and Ukrainian people made victims by the war.

We believe that many of you have already found a way to help but for those who are still wondering what would be the best form to do it, we refer you to the website where you can find many forms of effective assistance, ranging from verified organisations that raise funds to advice on how to support Ukraine effectively in other ways.

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We stand with Ukraine,

MFC Team