MFC Launched a New Partnership Programme for Country Associations

Since its inception Microfinance Centre has maintained very close ties with the country level associations, recognizing their role and potential in advancing financial and association inclusion in the countries where they operate. From now on, MFC would like to move the relationship with country level associations to a new, partnership oriented level. Such partnership would help to better leverage mutual resource to identify opportunities for even closer cooperation including joint promotion, fundraising and/or activities implementation.

The first agreement was already signed on March 29, 2018 with the Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA) – a long-term MFC member. MFC and AMFA have a long history of cooperation including a number of joint innovation, grant and capacity building projects, peer support and AMFA participation in the MFC governance.  AMFA mission is to strengthen the capacity of microfinance institutions and to promote effective collective actions in advancing the interests of the microfinance community and clients in Azerbaijan. The Association currently unites 24 Members.

Jhale Hajiyeva, Executive Director of AMFA, found the Programme innovative and interesting to pursue:

It seems to me as a good strategic decision enabling for mobilization of microfinance networks as mezo-level players in the global microfiance industry that would foster more robust joint cooperation between MFC and country level associations where MFC has member MFIs and Banks.

We are excited to bring our long-term partnership with AMFA to a new more strategic level!