MFC joins Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA)

On 9-10 March 2023,  the European Commission and OECD launched the Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA), which MFC became part of. The YEPA focuses on strengthening youth entrepreneurship policies in the EU connecting Youth entrepreneurship networks, policy makers, experts, programme managers and other stakeholders. It is a 3-year program comprising 6 online workshops based on peer-learning networks.

MFC representative participated in inauguration meeting, during which it was underlined that the entrepreneurship is at the core of both economy and social economy. The commissioner Schmidt and other speakers highlighted that entrepreneurs are driven by their own dreams and thus are more determined, being a valuable driver of economic revival. Yet, entrepreneurship involves risk of being on one’s own, especially difficult for young people. Thus, the flexible financial and mentoring assistance is much needed both at the start-up stage where the major reason for a failure is a wrong idea and at next stages when the idea has already been validated. At the same time, the youth are technology savvy and are best educated generation so far.

Worth to underline, that the Implementation of YEPA is one of key actions included in EU Social Economy Action Plan.

MFC will be happily representing its members and their opinion on developing youth entrepreneurship. If any of MFC Members would like to express own views on access to finance for the Youth Entrepreneurs, please send an email at

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