Meet the new MFC Member – Kamurj Universal Credit Organization CJSC

We are more than happy to welcome and introduce our new member – Kamurj Universal Credit Organization CJSC!

Kamurj Universal Credit Organization CJSC stands as a leading microfinance institution in Armenia, with a storied history of operation since 1998. It proudly offers an extensive array of financial products, catering to the diverse needs of clientele. These offerings encompass agricultural financing, support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), housing loans, mortgages, and consumer credit solutions.

Kamurj’s commitment is anchored in their mission: “To provide accessible financial and business support services to vulnerable families, while also enhancing the socio-economic well-being of individuals engaged in small and micro enterprises.” Over the years, Kamurj has made significant strides in realizing this mission, positively impacting the lives of countless Armenian families.

With dedication and diligence, Kamurj has served hundreds of thousands of families. Kamurj’s Team believes in the power of financial inclusion to foster growth, prosperity, and resilience within communities.

Click here to learn more about Kamurj Universal Credit Organization’s activities.

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