Meet the new MFC Member – HES FinTech

We’re delighted to welcome HES FinTech as a new member of the Microfinance Centre!

HES FinTech mission is to empower proactive entrepreneurs and leaders in the financial services industry to leverage the latest digital technology in creating future ready lending business models which deliver value for clients and shareholders sustainably and responsibly.

HES FinTech offers software solutions to financial institutions looking to enhance their business performance and drive innovation in the lending industry. Their cutting-edge technology leverages automation, accelerates processes, streamlines workflows, reduces human errors, and optimizes resource allocation. The result is a
comprehensive suite of services that enhances the credit business and delivers tangible financial benefits to our clients.

·       Loan Origination/Loan Management automation

·       AI/ML based decision-making platform

·       Digital transformation

·       Capital solutions advisory for fintech clients

HES FinTech’s solutions are designed to provide extensive functionality at a reasonable cost, helping to enhance clients’ business performance.

HES FinTech works with a wide range of clients in the lending space – from small fintech startups to unicorns, microfinance NBFIs and commercial banks, retail and SME lenders, alternative lenders and embedded finance providers.

Visit HES FinTech’s website to learn more about their activities!


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