Watch SIFTA Webinar: Risk management framework applied to inflation, energy prices and interest rate risk

If you are looking for sustainable growth in disruptive environments, this unique risk management webinar is for you. The webinar is recommended for managers, board members and all staff of the microfinance providers dealing with risk management.

The webinar has been designed for the microcredit providers to:

  • diagnose the current status of risk management framework;
  • elaborate or improve risk management best policies and practices;
  • write or adjust business continuity plans for conflicts, wars, critical resources like energy and HR; environment of increasing interest rates;
  • set priorities and use efficiently critical resources.

During the webinar you will find out answers to following questions:

  • How much risk and stress you can absorb as an institution in environment of external conflicts, war, critical resources, and infrastructures etc.?
  • How to identify early warning signs of the crisis and to get ready for pre-emptive actions but also for swift response?
  • What is the impact of energy prices on your business model, financial position and/or clients’ financial plans?
  • What is the impact of interest rate growth or inflation on microcredit provider owners’ equity?
  • How to distinguish innovative opportunity vs. perceived threat and implement actions?
  • Is a good financial plan and model a cost or investment?
  • Is automation of the risk management process a cost or an investment?
  • Can you manage your institution from a different country or from a basement?



Finance Executive and Enterprise Development Consultant

Artur Munteanu, is an entrepreneur, finance executive and enterprise development consultant with more than 25 years of experience in the financial and MSMEs-development sectors. Currently Advisor, Artur has developed his expertise through his role as a CEO and Board Member of Microinvest, a leading non-bank financial institution in Moldova. He was and is a Board Member and Advisor in several important companies from the agro-food, finance and ICT sectors. Artur holds an MBA from University of Hull, the UK. Artur organised trainings for more than 4000 participants in several subjects, amount others: strategy and business planning, active sales, risk management, human resource management.   

Mr. Munteanu has experience in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Central Asia. He structured and fundraised more than 100 million Euro in different transaction.He managed institutions via economic growth and economic recession cycles. He is an active promoter of new financing instruments like micro equity and revenue participation loans for job creation and climate actions.  

Artur Munteanu graduated from Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova, in 1998 – economist by education.  He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Hull, the UK. 

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