JOBS MFI – Welcome to the New MFC Member from Bulgaria!


Microfinance Centre is happy to introduce to you our new Member, JOBS MFI from Bulgaria.


JOBS MFI was created in 2010 as a part of the Group of The Bulgarian Development Bank. Its main purpose is to facilitate the access to financing of the micro- and small businesses, agricultural producers, freelancers, craftsmen and startups who develop or start new business. The main purpose is a long term providing of financial services to the micro- and small enterprises.

In this way JOBS MFI:

  • improves their access to financial services;
  • contributes to the creating and retaining of workplaces;
  • reduces their “exclusion” from the market of financial services;
  • helps the target groups to develop their own business ideas.

To our future and existing customers we provide all kind of credits – Investments loans, Working capital loans, credit Lines and leasing. We work in close cooperation with EIF offering their guarantee programs – Cosme and EaSI.