Job Offer : Consultant for CBS at IMON – Deadline 15 April!

IMON is searching for CBS implementation project consultant.

Read a description below:

Criteria for choosing a company /consultant for СBS implementation (update) project

Planned tasks:

  1. To change (or upgrade) CBS (the required functionality and system requirements are described in RFP).
  2. To implement a credit conveyor.
  3. To implement a functional and efficient AML / Financial Monitoring module.
  4. To implement a module with a high level of automation for effective risk management.
  5. Implementation of a universal front office.

To manage the process of implement a new IT platform, the Organization plans to attract an outsourcing company – a project manager, to obtain qualified expert and consulting support in the process of implementing a new system. Organization can consider remote work as well, if we are assure that the sufficient efficiency of performance can be achieved.

Expected results from the selected consulting company:

  1. A high level of expertise of the implemented IT infrastructure and capabilities, determination of priorities and the order of transformation in accordance with the requirements of the Organization.
  2. To develop a roadmap for the implementation (upgrade) of the IT platform.
  3. Consultations and expertise in the evaluation of proposals to be received from Suppliers and a detailed evaluation of proposals included in the short list.
  4. Optimization (improvement) of functional requirements and requested information for Suppliers included in the short list for selection, participation in demonstration sessions, study visits (if necessary), consultations in the selection of the winning company from the short list of Suppliers.
  5. Participation in the preparation of a detailed Terms of Reference together with the selected Supplier.
  6. Management of the implementation of the IT platform.
  7. Management of the launch process of the implemented IT platform and training of employees of the Organization.

Consulting company/consultant selection criteria (the experienced individuals /or group of individuals can be considered as well).

  • The company must have knowledge and experience in managing the implementation and configuration processes for all modules of CBS, Universal Front Office, DBO (the requirements for which are described in the RFP).
  • There must be skills in professional analysis of at least the modules described in the RFP, as well as the availability of appropriate competent specialists.
  • The company must have experience in management of such projects.
  • Proficiency in Russian (spoken and written) is a mandatory requirement.
  • Calculation and components of the cost of services should be clear and competitive.

Proposal with budget should be submitted to the following address:

Submission deadline is April 15, 2020