Green recognition awards 2022

At the occasion of the second edition of the Social Finance Vibe 2022, MFC (Microfinance Centre) decided to recognize two institutions as leaders in the sustainable agriculture innovations: PATRIA CREDIT from Romania and FDPA from Poland. Both institutions help their clients with financial and non-financial products and services, focusing on the rural smallholder farmers and local communities.  

PATRIA CREDIT has been recognized as a Leader in sustainable agricultural innovations for their contribution to the local agricultural market linkages. For over 20 years, PATRIA CREDIT has been serving rural entrepreneurs, mainly small farmers and small rural businesses with limited access to traditional banking products due to geographical and social profile limitations of the farmers. PATRIA CREDIT is the leader on the market when it comes to implementation of various technological innovations (e.g. POS terminal digital payments, digital agriculture tools for crop monitoring, access to the retail market, online education).  The recent impact study of three rural communities, supported already for 10 years, confirmed the positive effect of access to financing on client’s household income. More information is available on their website.

The Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture (FDPA) has been recognized as a Leader in sustainable agriculture innovation  for the capacity building of farmers in environmentally friendly agriculture. Being in the field since 1996, the Foundation supports micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, and sustainable development of the rural areas. FDPA is a great example of the organization that helps building climate resilience and climate change adaptation of farmers. Through its 16 regional centres it runs information and education campaigns not only for agricultural advisers and farmers, but also for the teachers and students of agricultural schools on renewable energy sources, biodiversity, protection of water resources and reduction of nitrogen pollution. In addition, the FDPA supports the rural entrepreneurs with loans and grants, assists with education, career counselling and job placement. More information is available on the foundation website

Congratulations on the recognitions! MFC prepared a virtual certificate and recognition badge which can be used by both institutions on their website and in promotion materials.