European Commission : Public Consultations – Autumn 2020

Take part in three public consultations!

Consumer Credit Directive impact assessment & review (Deadline: 1 September 2020)

Consumer credit agreements (where credit is granted to an individual) include unsecured loans, credit cards and hire purchase. The EU rules on consumer credit strengthen consumers’ rights and help them make informed decisions.

This initiative reviews those rules, with a focus on issues such as scope, information given to consumers and creditworthiness assessment.

It will also examine the impact of COVID-19 on the credit market and consumers, including vulnerable ones.

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Integration of migrants public consultation (Deadline: 21 October 2020)

The Commission is launching an EU-wide public consultation to gather views on new actions that could be taken at EU level to promote the integration and social inclusion of migrants and people with a migrant background. The Commission is also launching a call for applications to set up an expert group composed of persons with a migrant background to participate in the development and implementation of migration, asylum and integration policies. Involving migrants, asylum applicants and refugees is essential to make the policies more effective and better tailored to needs on the ground.

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Pillar of social rights have your say (Deadline: 30 November)

For the EU to get out of the current crisis, it needs to generate recovery, build resilience and guide economies along the path of just, green and digital transitions. This should not happen at the cost of the poorest people, regions or countries. The recovery will have to be inclusive and fair. The European Pillar of Social Rights provides a compass to tackle the social and economic challenges of our time.

The Commission therefore invites all partners to present their views until 30 November 2020 on new policy action or legal initiatives needed on different levels (EU, national, regional, local) and/or pledge concrete commitments as a Member State, region, city or organisation towards implementing the Pillar.

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