EU Action Plan for the Social Economy

The European Commission presented a new action plan to support the social economy. With the action plan the Commission proposed a coherent set of measures aimed at creating enabling conditions for the social economy to fulfil its potential to contribute to fair, sustainable and inclusive growth.

It can only be achieved through partnership and cooperation. This is why,
to mark the launch of the action plan, social entrepreneurs and representatives from social economy organizations from all over Europe (and beyond) were brought together to discuss the new opportunities offered by the action plan and its contribution to a more sustainable future.

The action plan announces a number of key actions to support social economy, for example:

  • a Council Recommendation on developing social economy framework conditions
  • a new EU Social Economy Gateway to provide a clear entry point for social economy stakeholders, other relevant actors and individuals seeking information on relevant EU funding, policies and initiatives
  • a new European Competence Centre for Social Innovation

 Download an action plan for the social economy in your language


EU Action Plan for the Social Economy – launch video

Social Economy Action Plan

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